jonjon350Jonjon’s upbringing in the eclectic style of Ibiza life, with its frenetic summers and quiet reflective winters, has shaped every aspect of his personality.

His life has been inextricably linked with Bambuddha since helping out in the kitchens on opening night at the tender age of 11.

Jonjon decided to leave school after his GCSEs in order to become more involved in the business, starting as a runner before moving up to bartender.

He then enjoyed a stint in the office, working alongside Bambuddha’s accountant in the capacity of book keeper and developing a greater understanding of the operational side of the business.

Taking up a place at university, Jonjon’s plans were derailed after he was involved in a serious car accident. After spending six months convalescing in Barcelona, he returned to Bambuddha with the intention of staying there permanently.

It was his father who persuaded him that he should take up his place at Oxford Brookes University. Jonjon not only survived but thrived, graduating with a first class honours degree.

Following his return to Bambuddha as financial manager, Jonjon was allowed to implement more and more of his ideas. After a brief sojourn in London and New York City, where he broadened his culinary knowledge, he helped with his father’s ambitious renovation plans back in Ibiza.

Now confident that Bambuddha was in safe hands, John made the decision to finally pass the mantle to his son.

Jonjon’s plans going forward are simple: to keep Bambudhha’s pioneering spirit and its place at the forefront of Ibiza’s social scene, whilst ensuring his father’s legacy remains at the heart of the concept.