14€ Freedom

Homemade infused Bourbon, coconut sugar, orange peel smoke and chocolate bitters

14€ Tolerance

Orange and cardamon infused gin, cucumber, yuzu and Jack Rudy tonic

14€ Respect

Our four homemade infused spirits, Cointreau, yuzu, lemon juice and coca cola

14€ Kali

Fig & almond infused Tequila, lime juice and agave syrup


14€ Orgasmic Delight

Vanilla vodka, cream, passion fruit, vanilla syrup and Passoà

14€ Bamburrita

Coriander infused Tequila, watermelon, agave syrup, lime juice, chili and salt

14€ Shamanic

Gin, elderflower liqueur, raspberries, lemon juice and orange bitters

14€ Erotic

Cachaça, aceto balsamico, lime, basil, cinnamon and strawberry

14€ Flirtini

Sake, passion fruit, mint, honey, chili and soda


9€ Luscious Lotus

Red berries and pear juice

9€ Meditation

Passion fruit, lime, sugar and ginger ale

9€ Karma

Coconut, banana, strawberry and pineapple juice

9€ Passion

Orange, lemongrass, ginger and rasberry

9€ Zen

Fresh apple juice, ginger, mint and soda

14€ Reincarnated

Tequila, cucumber, wasabi, yuzu and honey

14€ Lingham

Whiskey, Marrasquino liqueur, agave syrup, yuzu and pineaple juice

14€ Liberation

Whiskey, berries, mint, Chambord and honey

14€ Goa Express (Espresso Martini)

Vodka, coffee liquor, fresh coffee and sugar

14€ White Cloud

Vanilla vodka, white chocolate liquor & coconut cream

14€ Black Sheep Tribe

Cognac, Frangelico, Chambord, cream, fresh berries & spicy syrup

14€ Esoteric

Vodka, Limoncello, Amareto, lime juice & mascarpone

14€ BJ

Amaretto, Frangelico, lime, lemongrass, apple, cinnamon & cream