3.50€ Homemade Ice Cream and Sorbets

22€ Group Orgasm (min. 2 persons)

Erotic mixed delights. Let us surprise you!

12€ Creamy Lime, Yuzu, Pineapple and Rhubarb

Creamy citrus, roasted pineapple, tropical yogurt foam and rhubarb jam

11€ Kisetsu

Tonka cheesecake, cherry and yogurt sponge

14€ Black Moon Eclipse

Chocolate sphere, Kasutera, ginger ice cream, peanuts, caramel and jamaican pepper soup

12€ Violets and Calamasi

Filipino citrus gel, Violets and vanilla custard, dried merengue, Longan and Aperol sorbet

9€ Toffee and Cereals Panacotta

Chocolate and miso ganache, caramelised cereals, salty butter sand

9€ Coconut Milk Foam

Dulce de leche and fresh banana topped with a coconut milk foam, decorated with Oreo cookie powder served with peanuts and chocolate roots

9€ Anni Xian Bing

Mango and ginger creme brûlee with caramelized mango and fresh coconut