28€ Crispy Duck and Mandarin Pancakes

Half a duck roasted Chinese-style served with mandarin pancakes, sweet chili and plum & hoisin sauce

80€ Wagyu Rib Eye (350g)

Lightly matured entrecote, roasted and sliced, served with vegetables, smoked miso butter and Umeboshi glazed shallots

16€ Korean Bulgogi Chicken

Sizzling organic chicken leg from Ibiza served with Eringy mushroom, pear and cardamom puree

23€ Stone Tempered Irish Hereford Beef with Truffles

Served with charcoal ponzu, fresh black truffle with crispy wonton

21€ Crispy Korean Pork

Sous vide, Ssamjang, curly vegetables and trocadero lettuce

16€ Vietnamese Crunchy Fried Chicken

Local organic crunchy chicken bites served with mint & jalapeño jam, garnished with shiso and Thai basil