16€ Indian Watercress & Lentil Salad

Served with Mató cheese, candied cumin, seasonal vegetables and a creamy karashi mustard dressing

14€ Green Papaya Salad

Served with crunchy vegetables crispy onions and a lime & chilli dressing

22€ King Crab Salad

Thai inspired Alaskan King crab salad with spinach, tiger prawns, Thai grapefruit, fresh coconut, peanuts and Deed Sing vinaigrette

17€ “Waldorf” Seaweed salad (v)

A selection of fresh seaweed, cripsy lotus root, apple, celery, Cantonese nuts and a Korean dressing

17€ Spicy Beef Salad

Slices of marinated seared beef over a crunchy vegetable salad with a spicy Thai dressing

19€ Watermelon sashimi with “jamón de Bellota” and micro rocket salad

Slices watermelon marinated in soy sauce , served with Jamón de Bellota and fresh mini rocket sprouts salad