To assist the Head chef in running the kitchen in accordance to Bambuddha protocol and standards to ensure high quality products and services.


· To help with the preparation of the mise-en-place before service

· To be in charge of his/her assigned section and overseeing the Chef de Partie during service

· In charge of all communication with the Head Chef during service

· Responsible for covering the Head Chef at the pass and taking control of the kitchen

· To help the Chef de Partie make the orders for the following day

· To assist the Head Chef in checking all food deliveries for quality and quantity as ordered

· Ensure that the food preparation and serving area are sufficiently stocked with all food items throughout the evening

· To record all wastage according to Bambuddha procedures

· To support the Head Chef in continuously reviewing and seeking to improve practices in the kitchen

· Inventory control

· To assist the Head Chef with the closing routines, locking doors, checking the lights and gas etc. according to Bambuddha protocol

· To continuously assist the Head Chef in developing the kitchen team and reviewing individual performance

· Following work activities on the daily checklist and keeping it updated

· To support the Head Chef in inducting and training all staff in any new role or at a new location using the tools available to ensure that they meet the standards required

· Monitor the presentation and quality of all the food being served

· To control mise-en-place, in terms of quality control of ingredients, sauces and deliveries

· To make sure all menu items are prepared according to Bambuddha food specifications, adhering to the portion sizes, cooking temperatures and times and presentation standards provided

· Ensure that all food products are stored and rotated as per Bambuddha standards

· To carry out temperature checks of food and of storage areas according to health and safety standards, as well as Bambuddha procedures

· In charge of the creative process along side of the Head Chef

· To be in charge of quality control of their assigned section

· To carry out improvement meetings with the head chef after each service

· Ensure that the food preparation and serving areas are clean and tidy

· To help kitchen staff clean and monitor the closing according to Bambuddha protocol

· To ensure that all daily and weekly cleaning schedules for the food preparation and serving areas are followed as required



Minimum Education Level

· Secondary School Diploma or equivalent

· Course in safety, environmental, public health, sanitation regulations and procedures are advisable

· Food Handling course and accreditation


·         A minimum of 2 years of working experience as a Sous Chef

·         Experience in working in a large kitchen


·         Bilingual Spanish-English, good verbal skills

·         Effective Planner and organizer

·         Ability to delegate work

·         Flexible

·         Fast

·         Stable


Personal Qualities

Well organized person, friendly, polite, with an eye on detail and dynamic

Working Hours & Expectations

Restaurant: 6 days per week 17:45 – 03:00, Extra hours if required

Start Date: Late March 2017